Rental property management made simple.

PerfectPM is a webapp built with small and medium investors & managers in mind. No pressure trial - free for the first 90 days!

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Easily keep track of more than just payments and invoices. Record any important notes and review a tenant’s full history instantly.

Make sure no needed repair slips through the cracks.

Easily write & print tenant letters, late notices, and any other communication you might need.

PerfectPM has been designed with real people in mind. After all, we are property managers, too. Before now, we’ve usually ended up using accounting packages that just have a couple of property management tools tacked on. And those did a lot of cool things, but they didn’t work the way actually needed them to. And we don’t have the time or desire to buy an expensive, over-complicated property management package. We want the system we use to keep track of the important stuff, and we don’t want to go to a week long onboarding training seminar to be able to use it. We want something simple and powerful and intuitive. That’s why we built PerfectPM.


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$19.99 / Month

We're not big fans of apps that constantly try to get you to upgrade to a bigger/better plan, or that are "free," but nickle and dime you for every little function that you actually use. We designed the software to be most useful to folks who manage 1 to about 100 rental units. Because we know exactly who we're hoping to serve, we only have one price. We even let you try out the software free for 90 days.



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